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Even daily activities can be done as a workout.
Use a laundry basket of wet clothes as weights to do squats for thighs or lift over head for a shoulder workout. Vacuum to energetic music for aerobics. Dust while standing on one foot to gain better balance. A great workout can be added to your life just by tweaking your daily routine. Read more of our blog here.
Motion Can Be Your Medicine
Lower back problems? Are you Diabetic? Wish you could just get up and down off the floor without a piece of furniture nearby? Motion can be your medicine. Join a class or practice regularly at home. Start small and keep pushing yourself a little bit each week. The body comes up to the level we perform, not the level we just think about.
Group of people doing fitness exercise with a ball

Reasons for this sight

Only recently is western medicine giving the body credit for knowing how to heal itself if we can only learn how to tap into that unknown force. Most of us have seen the healing power of a sympathetic touch, the gradual improvement using Physical therapy, or the unexplainable effect of placebos. We are just now realizing the long-term benefits of an active lifestyle. Scientists are now wondering if we truly need healing using invasive means such as surgery and harsh, side-effect prone pharmaceuticals.

They are looking for ways to "trick" the body into healing it's own cancer by means the body already uses to recognize threats. There is already scientific results suggesting that various forms of exercise can be used to heal, not just prevent, specific ailments.

Movement IS Medicine

This website is dedicated to the knowledge that Movement IS Medicine! Just as herbs and other plants have been refined into the powerful drugs we know today, we can also refine physical movement into healing energies. So this website is designed:

  • First, to prove, using scientific study, that movement (aka the dreaded "Exercise" word) can be used to heal.
  • Second, to give ideas about what movements and what exercise style best suited to gain the best healing result for each ailment.
  • Third, to show how to incorporate the movements in inexpensive, time-sensitive, and dare I say "Fun" ways.

Tell us about you, we would like your suggestions.

The creators of this website are not the only ones with great ideas. Participants are sought to input suggestions, too. We can all learn from each other! What has worked for you? What are you struggling with as far as health, mobility, or time constraints? Read a cool study done linking healing with movement? Tell us by responding to the blog or email us at post@medicationmotion.com. All posts are reviewed for helpful content before released to the public.