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This news was posted on Wednesday, July 17th, 2013
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Exercise is Depressions Cure

I recently read an article online at
Titled “Exercise Is Depressions Cure”. My first impression was, “Duh! We’ve know that for years.” But then I started thinking that that opinion might just be arrogance on my part. Perhaps others have not been around the fitness industry as long as I have or had the same experiences I have had. So, here we go again;
This is a typical scenario, although very simplified and it NEVER feels this simple, of the downward spiral of depression;
1. Life is not going as it should;
a. Career is not as it should be. The person is not happy in their work, or they have been laid-off and the bills are piling up. Or . . .
b. Finances are not as they should be. The person has been over-extended financially for quite a while now and can’t seem to see a way out. Or . . .
c. Relationships are not as they should be; Family members are not living up to expectations, loneliness and isolation are setting in, frustration is more common than it was.
2. The person no longer wishes to be engaged in his/her life due to the negative feelings it brings so they begin removing themselves from everything they once did telling themselves, “the people around me are better off without me.”
3. Problems ensue due to inaction.
4. Feelings of isolation, despair, and failure increase
5. Soon we have a situation of the proverbial snow ball rolling down hill gathering more snow and more momentum.
Now we add pharmaceuticals into the mix. Many anti-depressants don’t work at all which increase the person’s feeling of failure, others work no better than a placebo, and they ALL have horrendous side-effects. Compare that against a workout.
I know that the LAST thing you want to do when you are depressed is to get off the couch, come out of the little cave you have made for yourself and go to a gym. It’s stinky, it’s boring, and it costs more money which is already a problem! Ok, so don’t start in a gym. Just take a stroll outside. Ride a bike. Borrow a CD from the Library and match the movements as best you can at home. Why? Here’s why;
1. Exercise pumps oxygen and nutrient to the brain giving it the tools it requires to “think your way out” of the situations which negatively impact your life.
2. The time it takes to exercise allows time for creative thinking; again, allowing you to “think your way” out of your situation.
3. It brings you into contact with fresh air and other people which get your mind off your bad situation giving you a break from it.
4. Exercise pumps the “feel good” hormones like Testosterone, endorphin, and adrenaline to your brain and throughout your body allowing you to feel as though you can conquer the world, . . . or at least face it one day at a time.
Of course, I am not telling anyone to through away their medications. I am saying to add a workout into your weekly routine, and when you start feeling better (notice I said when and not if), then work with your doctor to reduce your medication slowly.
Yes, we, in the industry, have seen this positive affect for years. We didn’t need any study to prove it, but it is nice to see that western medicine has taken it seriously enough to prove it for all of us. Thanks for catching up.