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What to do with unexpected changes in your schedule.

Life is full of change and detours. Can we stay dedicated to our health in the midst of unexpected change?
The answer is a resounding “YES!” . . . with FLEXIBILITY!
There are simple changes in schedule; children’s music lessons change to a new night, spouse decides to drop the bowling league and change to a book study group instead, there is a monthly volunteerism meeting on the same day you normally workout.
Then there are major changes or interruptions; you need to sit with a close friend in the Hospital, a family member dies leaving you executor of the Will, or you are involved in a car accident.
All these events can, and perhaps will, derail your attempts to stay healthy through proper nutrition and exercise. How can you out-wit these “hellions of health”? The answer is . . . drum roll, please! . . . . PERSISTENCE!
Yes you may slip here and there until you get back into your old routine or find a new normal, but keep your eye on the prize (better health to live a more active life) and you will return to a workout of which you can be proud. Final goals do not come to “good” people, or “bad” people, or the most “knowledgeable”, or even the most “educated”. The final goal always, ALWAYS, goes to the most persistent! Just like the Tortoise who won the race over the Hare, do not jump out of the gate at a full sprint and quickly get distracted or bored, but move slowly and steadily to your goal.
Remember, you do not have to dedicate a full hour to a really good workout if your schedule is in turmoil. Sometimes 5 pushups on a Hospital waiting room floor will have to do that day. But if you do those 5 pushups this hour, you may find that you can also do 10 sit-ups the next hour, and have an excuse to walk up 3 flights of stairs later in the day, and before you know it, you have fit in your entire workout. Slow but steady steps are all it takes.
The journey of a thousand miles is taken one step at a time.
How do you eat an elephant? . . . One bight at a time.
How do you get a workout in? . . . One Repetition at a time!
Just look for the opportunities to fit it in.

How to Get Started

Get Started

1. Get a check up and ask your doctor if you are healthy enough for physical activity. He/she might have ideas of the type of program that might be good for you.
2. Begin with a small class AND do your own simple workout in your home or walking in a safe neighborhood with a friend on the days the class does not meet.
3. Remember that just because the instructor and the class is doing it, does not make it right for you. If it hurts don’t do it! Just continue to move in a way that does not hurt until you can rejoin the class activity.
4. Start with small, simple movements and slowly work your way up to more difficult movements. Remember to patient with your progress.

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